There’s nothing worse than finding out you were the victim of theft or vandalism when it comes to your vehicle. A vehicle security system helps protect you and your vehicle by detecting threats, deterring the offender, and alerting you. With our systems, you can have complete and constant monitoring of your vehicle.

As we’ve said, we’ve moved far past the days of car alarms that were meant to deter thieves and do little else. Now you can be constantly vigilant of your car and quickly alert the authorities if your car is being broken into. Of course, they come with car alarms, however these systems are designed to not only deter thieves but also catch them.

Our car and truck security systems can come with video monitoring and the ability to call emergency services any time a break-in is detected, much like many home security systems. Not only will you be alerted, but you can also check on your car anytime. With certain smartphone applications, you can check the video monitor feed of your car to see if anything is going wrong.

This is where car security systems are starting to protect the user as well as the car. Nobody should ever have to walk to their car feeling unsafe or wondering what’s waiting for them. With a new car alarm and security system from Next Level Auto, you won’t have to. Even on the darkest, coldest nights in Minnesota or Minneapolis, you can be sure that your vehicle is safely waiting for you.

This is really just the start of what we can do; with today’s technology, you can really take your vehicle’s security as far as you want to go. Contact Next Level Auto in Maplewood to get you there today!