We offer a full range of automotive services, add-ons and accessories. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please give us a call to discuss how we can help. Some of our most popular services include:

Remote Start Systems

Remote start systems allow you to start your vehicle without having to brave the elements. No more shivering while you wait for the engine to warm up, you’ll enjoy a warm comfortable ride from the moment you enter your vehicle.

Vehicle Security Systems

There’s nothing worse than finding out you and your vehicle were the victim of theft or vandilism. A vehicle security system helps protect you and your vehicle by detecting threats, deterring the offender, and alerting you.

GPS Tracking/Telematics

Modern technologies have allowed for some incredible features to be integrated into your vehicle. Start, lock, and unlock your vehicle from anywhere in the world using your smartphone. Track where your vehicle is and has been, set speed limit alerts, curfew alerts, distance alerts, remote vehicle disable… Thank goodness they didn’t have this when we were kids!!

Heated Seats

A warm car is nice but a warm butt is better!! Heated seats are installed into the seat underneath the existing seating surface material. Cloth, vinyl, or leather. Pair with a remote start system for ultimate comfort.

Stereo Systems

Lets face it, most factory vehicle stereos are less than impressive. An aftermarket stereo can put the excitement and enjoyment back into the music. A new sound system can create a more enjoyable ride, and can be fully integrated with factory vehicle systems such as back-up cameras, steering wheel controls, hands-free, and more.

Auxiliary Audio Input

We can add an auxiliary input to any vehicles stereo. keep the factory radio, add Bluetooth or 3.5mm audio inputs. Works with aftermarket stereos as well.