Minnesota winters are hard. Thankfully, if you’ve had heated seats and remote start systems in your car, you’ve been able to stay warm throughout the winter in Maplewood or Minneapolis. With the trip to and from your car getting less and less daunting, other car upgrades start to come to mind to help make your summer adventures all they can be. 

At Next Level Auto in Maplewood, we perform electronic auto upgrades to help make your ride as comfortable and luxurious as possible. In the winter, the added value of our heated seats and remote starter systems are almost immeasurable, but when the snow starts to thaw, we know that Minnesotans want to be out on the open road, in nature, embracing all that the good weather has to give. We have a wide range of upgrades available for your car or truck that will help make this summer safe, fun, and adventurous.

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Audio Upgrades For Your Summer Adventure

When it comes time for summer, one of the most peaceful things for many of us is just seeing where the open road can take us. Getting lost in the sights and sounds around us, reflecting on days past, and getting back to nature is all made a little easier by a car with the necessary comforts. Next Level Auto can help give you impeccable sound for all the vibes you need to make this summer’s road trip the best one yet.

A New Stereo System or Audio Components

Cruising down the highway just isn’t the same without music, and even then it can be ruined by a sound system that’s constantly cutting in and out. With Next Level Auto, you can get a system with more than enough sound quality. We offer a wide range of stereo systems and applications that can make your driving experience more enjoyable, including:

  • New Stereo Systems — If you’re not looking to piece together your own custom stereo system, then we have a wide range of aftermarket stereo systems that offer high-quality sound and can easily be integrated into existing systems such as back up cameras and hands-free controls.
  • New Head Units — Sometimes you don’t need to have an entire stereo system replaced, you just need some new components. When choosing your components, be sure to keep in mind both power and functionality. If you just want more complete displays and controls over your stereo, then a new head unit may be all you need. However, you could also have your system work with a number of functions more modern than your vehicle. If you’re going to get a head unit installed anyways, then you might as well pay the minor price difference for more features.
  • Amplifiers — If you want to listen to all of your music on any frequency, then you need the right amplifier because, without it, you’ll barely be able to hear your music, if at all. If your audio is hard to hear or comes in and out, then you might have problems with your amplifier. Getting it corrected will give you clear, loud sound for all of your summer trips.
  • New Speakers — If you’re not hearing any sound at all, and you’ve ruled out your amplifier, then your speakers may have blown out. Before they break completely, you may hear the sound coming out of your system unevenly or sudden rises and drops in volume. This likely means something’s wrong with your speakers  This could just be from natural wear over time, or perhaps because you let the bass go too loud. If your speakers have gone out because of this, then you may want to get some new subwoofers installed in your car as well as the new speakers.
  • New Subwoofers — Many people don’t know this, but subwoofers are designed particularly for bass. Without a subwoofer, going to high on bass will ruin many original manufacturer stereos systems. In order to keep your speakers working and your music bumping all summer long, you need subwoofers to keep your bass in check.
  • Auxiliary Audio Input — If you’re ready to move away from constantly breaking AM/FM transmitters, tape decks, and other knick-knacks to listen to all your favorite music, then fix it with an auxiliary audio input. These are relatively simple modifications that can be made on almost any stereo, without further upgrades or costs.


Get Your Stereo System Upgraded for Summer

In just a couple of months, the snow should be almost all gone and warm weather will start to appear again. Don’t be behind the eight ball and start your summer with auto repairs. Get them done now so you can hit the open road once summer comes. Get your new stereo system, amplifier, subwoofers, speakers, audio auxiliary input and more today from Next Level Auto in Maplewood, just a short drive from Minneapolis.